Pendants Make Great Christmas Gifts For Your Wife

Right around December each year, husbands all over the UK begin to panic when looking for Christmas gifts for their wife’s. Although many husbands consider jewellery, they sometimes are at a loss trying to decide amongst bracelets, necklaces or earrings. One piece of jewellery they sometimes don’t consider as a Christmas gift idea for the wife is a pendant. Pendants are great gifts because they can be worn on a variety of chains, neck wires, cords and ribbons. Here’s some information about pendants that might help husbands select the best Christmas gifts for the wife.

Ancient History of the Pendant

Pendants are one of the earliest known types of jewellery. The Sumerians made copper pendants that date back to about 8700 BC. In ancient Babylonia, pendants had a specialized function. In those times, documents were comprised of clay tablets that were stamped with a seal. The seals were valued as we value bank checks in modern times. They identified the owner and required protection. So many people wore their seals on cords around their necks. The ancient Egyptians raised the pendant to a high art with elongated, inscribed oval cartouches that were thought to protect the wearer from evil. Both the ancient Greeks and Romans wore gold pendants, as did the people of ancient India and ancient China.

Modern Pendants

When the modern era dawned during the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, the middle class and working class prospered. This created a new and extensive market for jewellery, which had previously been afforded only by the upper class and nobility. At this time, artisans used imitation stones to help keep the cost of the jewellery down. Jewellery makers also began to experiment with types of metal other than gold and silver, but continued to use the age-old crafting methods. Eventually, industrialized and mechanized jewellery making techniques arose, making pendants and other forms of jewellery exceedingly affordable. During this period, the great jewellery houses of Tiffany, Cartier and Faberge created jewellery firmly rooted in centuries-old artistic traditions.

So, when choosing Christmas gifts for wife, UK husbands are advised to consider pendants. You don’t need to know her size and she probably already has a chain in her jewellery box to go with these wonderful gifts for Christmas. Why not take a look at our wonderful selection of pendants and other jewellery. We’re sure you’ll find something that she’ll treasure for years to come.