Opening a Coffee Shop – Getting Into an Expanding Market

Opening a coffee shop might seem a brave move in the current economic climate but dozens of people are finding that this is one area of business that is holding up well. In Britain, for example, more and more people are visiting coffee shops and cafes even as the recession bites.

If you are thinking about opening a coffee shop then there is one thing you must bear in mind above everything else – the location. This is one thing that should come naturally. You will know your local town centre, where people go, what the attractions are and when they head out. Keep an eye on those to let signs and think about when and where you’d like a break while shopping, or where you pause if you are on the move and doing business. If you think in those terms the answer to a good location should almost come naturally. One helpful word – the chance to incorporate outside seating is great. What better advertisement for your coffee shop than seeing that other people are there already?

If you can get your location right, your coffee shop has a very real chance of turning a good profit.

The other thing that might be a worry if you are considering opening a coffee shop is how much do you know about coffee? One of the reasons you might be keen is because you are a real coffee enthusiast – if so great. If not, there is no reason to panic. Think about how many of your potential customers come in bursting with knowledge of beans and just how the Colombian coffee market is today! The answer is not many. They just want good coffee and place to relax. Searching out suppliers will take time, but if you see splintered or broken beans that is not good news. Let your nose be your guide too, a good smell will almost always translate into good coffee.

Opening a coffee shop will demand some time and energy but a little intelligent thought can find you a good place to open, ways round start up costs and a real chance of escaping the rat race!