Tarot As Your Own Personal, Fun, Fashion Stylist

Tarot is perhaps better known for its use as an uplifting guide, showing us events on the horizon or highlighting areas for growth and development. It can assist us in the different areas of our lives, such as career, inspiration, relationship or practicality. These are worthy subjects but there are times when we can turn to our Tarot decks, in the spirit of light heartedness and fun. Tarot can become your own unique wardrobe assistant to help you dress to impress, find your own natural style with panache and to avoid those fashion ‘faux pas’ which lurk unworn in your wardrobe.

Have you ever opened your closet, perhaps on a busy work morning or prior to a big night out and despite a fulsome array of clothing, despaired because “you had nothing to wear”? You rummage in amongst the coat hangers, delving into the darkest recesses of your wardrobe, trying on various skirts, dresses, blouses and finally, in a fit of desperation, you select an outfit which should do the trick. Yet, somehow, it just doesn’t feel right. No time to change though and you dash out the door, not feeling as confident or as comfortable as you would wish. The funny thing is, the garments you have purchased may be of fine quality, or were expensive and fit well, but you have the nagging suspicion that your chosen outfit doesn’t do you justice.

Fashion surrounds us, celebrity designers showcase their collections throughout the media, we can buy outfits in stores, shops, over the internet and well meaning family and friends give their own opinion as to what suits us, if you’ll pardon the pun. So much choice is available in terms of colours, shapes, styles.

Tarot can help us define our own style and fashion flair so that when we next go out on a shopping spree, we can be sure our items chosen serve us well and become long standing favourites in our wardrobe collection.

How can a pack of cards, become our own style guru? Allow me to explain. There is a suit within the Tarot deck, entitled Court cards, made up of four groups which are: Wands, Swords, Cups, Coins. As their name suggests, we have Kings, Queen, Knights and Pages representing the attributes and characteristics of their own particular suit. Wands relate to the fire element, Swords, to the air, Cups to water and Coins to earth.

The four Queens shall assist on this occasion and we now have our personal stylists ready and waiting to begin our consultation, starting with the style that suits least or doesn’t work so well.

After shuffling our cards, we select randomly, without looking, a card. Let’s say we choose the Queen of Wands. Now our consultation begins with what isn’t doing you proud, in terms of image. You may have a tendency to select garments which are really theatrical and showy, making you a centre of attention. Fabrics tend to the shiny and in hotter, brighter colours of reds and oranges, for our Queen of Wands is governed by the fire element. Clothing lines tend towards the flouncy, sensuous or revealing. Whilst this is an exciting, racy look, it calls for courage and audacity to carry it off.

Our vivacious, bold, fun loving Queen always ensures she dresses to take centre stage. She adores her ‘bling’ and doesn’t hold back on her make-up. Think of Hollywood’s flamboyant leading ladies to get an idea of the Queen of Wand’s ‘look’. You may find, if you follow this gorgeous girl’s dress code, that you need a great deal of confidence to carry a theatrical ‘centre stage’ look and in its more extreme state one may be viewed as flighty, overly flirty or temperamental.

Now that we have looked at what may not suit you so well, let’s see what will work for you, bringing self esteem and admiration. Once again, let’s pick at random and for our purpose, the Queen of Swords steps forward.. This airy, gracious Queen breezes in, bring coolness and clarity. She likes her outfits tailored, crisp, un-fussy. This elegant lady loves her stiletto or kitten heels, not necessarily high, but she loves the sound they make as she crosses the floor. The Queen of Swords likes a bargain and for her, she’ll seek out designer labels at a fraction for the cost, or await the high street version, for less cash.

This Queen is a sharp dressed woman, but provocative undergarments contrast her cool exterior. As for preferred colour, this airy Queen adores any colour you see in the sky. Her jewellery can be either silver or gold, but will be minimal, preferring to wear a statement piece, to invite comment and conversation. Our classy, intriguing, stimulating Queen always ensures she dresses to engage the mind which is where her power base lies. Think of Hollywood’s ‘ice queen’ leading ladies to achieve this ‘look’.

Now that we have seen what works well and indeed, not so well, we can find our own unique styles to dress our characters. It doesn’t matter our body size, skin tone, or age. The Tarot Queens are delighted to become your unique and caring fashion guide and they will always be honest with you.

We have worked with two Queens, two sisters, fire and air, equally powerful, but yet so different in their outlook. However, there are still another two Queens remaining, representing Cups and Coins and they too have their own wonderful, beautiful styles.

Now, which Queen are you….