The Advantages of Solitaire Engagement Rings

One of the most stressful aspects of an engagement (at least for the groom) is the choice of a ring. Something about engagement jewellery makes brides become extremely specific about what kind of configuration their ring should have, and this sometimes leaves the other halves a little at a loss, as well as under pressure to do well.

For these grooms, solitaire engagement rings are often not only the default option, but a true blessing as well. These are the types of engagement rings it is very hard to go wrong with, and purchasing one of them is sure to have even the most hapless groom in his bride’s good books.

But what exactly makes solitaire engagement rings such a good, safe choice for a ring with which to seal your affection? The answer lies not in a single factor, but in a number of characteristics which, when combined, ensure this type of ring has a high success rate.

The first of these factors is, of course, the stunning visual appeal of this type of gem. Solitaire engagement rings, regardless of the cut of their diamond or of the setting chosen to support it, are always designed with the sole aim of highlighting the stone which tops them. As such, they will invariably be instantly pleasing to the eye, projecting a dazzling aura sure to leave any bride enthralled.

Also adding to the effectiveness of this type of ring is their classical and traditional nature. Solitaire engagement rings pretty much represent the default for what most people envision when thinking of a ‘diamond ring’; when such rings appear in the media, they also invariably fall into this category. As such, a groom presenting his bride with a jewel of this type will have the helpful backing of about two centuries of popular culture, ensuring the risk of failure is significantly lower than it would be with a bolder, more unusual setting.

Finally, working against the groom’s wallet but in favour of his reputation with his bride, there is the question of the price. Solitaire rings are generally on the more expensive end of the spectrum, so presenting a beloved significant other with one of them will let her know just how valuable she is in her groom’s eyes. This inevitably will lead to smiles rather than disappointment.

It is clear, then, just why so many people choose to go for solitaire rings when shopping for engagement jewellery. The setting continues to represent a safe, attractive option to slip on a ‘bride to be’s’ finger.

Bridal Jewellery

The world of fashion has always eyed the weddings as their favourite theme. It has flourished manifolds over the years and so has increased the number of options in wedding dress and bridal jewellery for you.

If you are getting married in the coming months, you better know your options first before finalising anything. You must understand the critical place of bridal jewellery in your wedding ceremony. Right from the wedding rings to the necklace, earrings, bracelets, hair pins and the tiara, everything combined transforms you into a princess; you cannot afford to neglect any minuscule aspect, if you wish to have your princess look picture perfect.

You would be amazed at the extensive variety that awaits you in bridal jewellery out there. There is no dearth of tastefully designed and finely handcrafted jewellery items from across the globe, for you to choose from. You may be fond of gold or silver; you may prefer crystals over pearls; you make like it blue, yellow or ruby red; you may have been longing for something embellished with crystals, Swarovski and pearls combined on a platinum base or even titanium.

You may let your imagination loose, visualise your ideal bridal jewellery and find it too. However, it must be emphasised that you must buy your jewellery keeping your wedding dress in mind. It must enhance the beauty of the dress and your own. Instead of standing out, it must merge with the whole look so beautifully that everyone must wonder how much more beautiful you always were and they could not make it out earlier.

Pendants Make Great Christmas Gifts For Your Wife

Right around December each year, husbands all over the UK begin to panic when looking for Christmas gifts for their wife’s. Although many husbands consider jewellery, they sometimes are at a loss trying to decide amongst bracelets, necklaces or earrings. One piece of jewellery they sometimes don’t consider as a Christmas gift idea for the wife is a pendant. Pendants are great gifts because they can be worn on a variety of chains, neck wires, cords and ribbons. Here’s some information about pendants that might help husbands select the best Christmas gifts for the wife.

Ancient History of the Pendant

Pendants are one of the earliest known types of jewellery. The Sumerians made copper pendants that date back to about 8700 BC. In ancient Babylonia, pendants had a specialized function. In those times, documents were comprised of clay tablets that were stamped with a seal. The seals were valued as we value bank checks in modern times. They identified the owner and required protection. So many people wore their seals on cords around their necks. The ancient Egyptians raised the pendant to a high art with elongated, inscribed oval cartouches that were thought to protect the wearer from evil. Both the ancient Greeks and Romans wore gold pendants, as did the people of ancient India and ancient China.

Modern Pendants

When the modern era dawned during the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, the middle class and working class prospered. This created a new and extensive market for jewellery, which had previously been afforded only by the upper class and nobility. At this time, artisans used imitation stones to help keep the cost of the jewellery down. Jewellery makers also began to experiment with types of metal other than gold and silver, but continued to use the age-old crafting methods. Eventually, industrialized and mechanized jewellery making techniques arose, making pendants and other forms of jewellery exceedingly affordable. During this period, the great jewellery houses of Tiffany, Cartier and Faberge created jewellery firmly rooted in centuries-old artistic traditions.

So, when choosing Christmas gifts for wife, UK husbands are advised to consider pendants. You don’t need to know her size and she probably already has a chain in her jewellery box to go with these wonderful gifts for Christmas. Why not take a look at our wonderful selection of pendants and other jewellery. We’re sure you’ll find something that she’ll treasure for years to come.